GSC is an expert in manifesting the architectural beauty by presenting the most
fascinating modern interior design.


GSC for construction (GSC) is a shareholding company and a pioneer in all the fields of urban & architectural design.
in addition to finishing & decor such as:

  • Architectural designs.
  • Interior designs (Apartments, villas, administrative head offices, companies & restaurants).
  • Smart home systems (design & implementation).
  • Urban planning (City planning, districts, compounds, and tourist villages).
  • Landscape designs.
  • Electromechanics Designs.
  • Supervising & Executing constructions.
  • Constructing & Finishing all kinds of buildings such as:
  • Residential: Apartments & Villas.
  • Commercial: Banks & Companies.
  • Medical centers: Hospitals & Clinics.
  • Touristic: Tourist Villages.


GSC provides the highest level of services & professional architectural consulting for customers with different requirements that fulfill both aesthetic & durable standards.


GSC was launched in 1999 inspired by innovative architectural visions and creative ideas. We are providing the architectural services & consulting constructional solutions according to modern architectural concepts in addition to the previews & the initial studies of projects with high professionality.

Thanks to the existence of a whole crew of architects, structural & electromechanics engineers who are devoted to designing & executing all kinds of buildings & constructions with high professionality accompanied by an inspiring aesthetic touch.


More than 22 years of experience in interior design, construction, Smart home systems & urban design.
Construction and finishing of 210 integrated buildings in Cairo.
A solid academic background substantiated by Masters and PhD degrees in interior design, construction, Smart home systems & urban design.
Both local and international knowledge acquired through working with multinational organizations and in partnership with international consultancy companies.
Strict and foremost adherence to on time and prompt delivery of top-quality services, Proven track record of success.