you will find at GSC everything related to construction work such as building construction,
decoration works, finishing and interior design.


GSC is an expert in manifesting architectural beauty by presenting the most fascinating modern interior designs that grant special elegance for the residential units & companies.

Since 1999, our designers had been practicing designing in Egypt, and many other countries like Albania, Nigeria, KSA, UAE, Kuwait & Libya, since the elegant & magnificent productions require a high level of experience & expert skills in the field of interior design, decor & furniture.

GSC is distinguished by having the professional architects & experts to supervise the finishing and offer the best architectural designs, interior design, decoration works and the latest modern designs to get a modern design that fits your villa or apartment with the aim of accomplishing a masterpiece.


Beside urban planning services, decor & interior design, GSC is designing & executing the integrated construction projects.

A whole resident crew of architects is provided for each project. They are responsible for supervising the finishing, revising all the decor details & conforming the architectural works with the executive plans for all the items to guarantee that all works are accomplished precisely.


Smart homes contain advanced control devices, which are touchscreens. They can be either fixed in the wall or portable like mobile touchscreens such as the iPads and iPhones, in addition to programmed control buttons that can control and monitor all electrical and electronic devices.

There are many examples of Smart Home systems that include lights controlling, electric curtains, TV, cameras, air conditioning, sound systems, electric doors, alarms of theft and fire system, swimming pool lighting, fountains, etc. For more comfort, security and luxury, Smart Home systems can also be linked to the Internet (IP based) and the phone so that it can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.


GSC is specialized in urban planning & design such as:
1- Planning & designing of cities, districts, compounds, resorts & tourist villages.
2- Planning of gardens, tracks, Parks, pools & green landscape.
3- Supervising the urban planning projects till getting the license needed for executing these projects.
4- Land division works.